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Diesel Emissions Systems Made Easy for DPF Cleaning Facilities

DPF cleaning facilities provide an important service to commercial fleets. Proper maintenance on the aftertreatment system is essential to keep costs under control and maximize uptime. DPF cleaning is a big part of a successful maintenance program 

At Redline Emissions Products our mission is to make diesel emissions systems easy for our customers. DPF cleaning facilities are a large part of our customer base and we have developed equipment, aftertreatment parts, training, and other services to help DPF cleaning facilities be more profitable and successful.  

DPF cleaning facilities that are profitable are better able to serve fleets and owner-operators of commercial trucks with diesel engines. To increase profitability, DPF cleaning facilities can work on three things: increasing capacity, developing great relationships with high-quality suppliers, and increasing the value they offer to their existing customers. 

Increase Your Capacity

There are physical limits to how many filters can be cleaned in a day. This is where the equipment you use is critical because not all systems are created equally. For example, in the past, many systems could only clean 4- 6 filters a day per machine because of the time it takes to bake the filters. The design of these machines inherently had limitations because of the method of cleaning. 

That has all changed with the Filtertherm Aqueous DPF Cleaning Package which can go from dirty to clean and dried with no baking required in under 2-hours. Using this system will increase your capacity and could result in $2000 – $3000 a day in increased revenue.  Multiply this by 5 working days a week and 52 weeks a year and this translates in a potential increase of annual revenue to the tune of $520,000 to $780,000 per machine. 

Watch the Aqueous Video 

Develop Great Relationships

At Redline Emissions Products we provide training, support, competitively priced high-quality parts, and the state-of-the-art cleaning equipment required to make DPF cleaning facilities able to compete for fleets’ business. Our mission is summarized perfectly in our tagline; “Diesel Emissions Systems Made Easy!”  

The world of diesel engines is rapidly changing and getting support, training, and up-to-date information, as well as high-quality aftertreatment parts and equipment, will enable you to remain competitive 

A recent poll conducted by The Heavy-Duty Parts Report found that fleets are looking for 4 things from the independent service channel. They want their suppliers to be well trained, able to accurately diagnose problems, available for quick service, and have competitive parts and labor rates. Redline Emissions Products enables DPF cleaning facilities to position themselves in the market to capture more business from fleets by providing training on diagnostics and products, and competitive prices on aftertreatment products. 

Increase the Value of Your Service

Fleets and owner-operators want uptime and low cost-per-mile. The more you help them achieve this, the more they will spend with you and the more likely they will refer you to others.  

You are not just a DPF cleaning facility, you are a partner who helps fleets and owner-operators maximize uptime. It is very important that you leverage your expertise on behalf of your customers.  

Every DPF that you clean tells a story about what is happening with that truck’s diesel emissions system. You are a translator who needs to explain to your customers what the condition of their DPF indicates about the upstream issues with their system. Identifying causes instead of just addressing the symptom will position you as a partner to your customers.

DPF cleaning facilities play a vital role in helping fleets and owner-operators of commercial trucks with diesel engines maintain maximum uptime with the lowest cost-per-mile.

If you would like to talk to Redline Emissions Products about our aftertreatment parts, Filtertherm cleaning equipment, or our industry-leading training programs, connect with us today. 

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Redline Emissions Products make diesel emissions systems EASY with an extensive offering of readily available high-quality parts, packaged to protect against damage and loss, and backed up with training and expert support
If you would like to become a valued parts distributor and/or expand your business to include DPF cleaning services, let’s connect!

Diesel Emissions Systems Made Easy 

With Redline Emissions Products®, diesel parts distributors can add to their product line, increase sales, and solve a huge pain point to make diesel emissions systems easy for their customers.

Curious about what’s involved with supplying diesel emissions systems and replacement parts? Reach out to  Wayne Cochrane, National Sales Manager for REP to find out more or call 888-295-4670.

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