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Ways to Sell More Aftertreatment Parts - Insights for Distributors

Ways to Sell More Aftertreatment Parts – Insights for Distributors

In a recent podcast interview, Wayne Cochrane, the National Sales Manager at Redline Emissions Products, began by sharing valuable insights regarding DPF cleaning services & aftertreatment parts sales. The conversation covered the ins and outs of a truly clean DPF. Then it moved into some often overlooked considerations for the heavy-duty parts distributor, those considering offering DPF cleaning services and selling REP aftertreatment parts. The topics covered include:

  1. Sell parts sourced from within the USA for consistent availability even during “disruptions”.
  2. Sturdy & properly labeled packaging for aftertreatment parts is vital.
  3. Access the right tools to find the right parts for your customers.
  4. DPF Cleaning is a viable business model that can enhance your parts sales as well.

The discussion kicked off with an emphasis on the importance of questioning the cleanliness of a DPF. Wayne stressed that it’s crucial not to blindly trust the cleaning service providers; instead, distributors should know what to look for and the right questions to ask.

This approach ensures that the DPFs are not just superficially clean but restored to their optimal functionality, a detail that your customers will appreciate. Furthermore, Wayne delved into the economic perspective, outlining the considerations for those contemplating investing in their own DPF cleaning equipment.

To go more in-depth on this topic see our article on

Source U.S. Based Parts

REP parts are made in the USA

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the advantage of relying on domestic manufacturing became abundantly clear, with Redline Emissions Products maintaining their inventory levels by smartly investing in the U.S.

… we saw through Covid what the implications are of relying on offshore sources. We were able to maintain our inventory levels and service our customers all throughout Covid.

Packaging & Labels Matter

Packaging & Labels Matter

Beyond just being ‘Made in the USA,’ the way products like gaskets or clamps are packaged plays a significant role in their integrity upon reaching the end-user. Wayne highlighted how their company had chosen to package products in corrugated boxes, safeguarding them from common issues like damage or missing parts, which can be all too frequent with subpar packaging methods.

“…we decided that we were going to try to fix that problem by packaging everything possible in a corrugated box that protects the product, makes sure that when it gets to the end user, it’s usable and fully functional for that application.

Wayne then underscored the importance of product/part data, particularly cross-reference information, that accompanies the products. Every part is meticulously labeled, not just with a Redline Emissions Products part number, but also with application-specific information and corresponding cross-reference numbers. This attention to detail significantly enhances the customer experience, providing immediate confirmation that they’ve received the exact part they requested.

Find The Right Parts with the Right Tool

Find The Right Parts with the Right Tool

Additionally, we have invested in providing a free cross-reference tool on our website, a feature that’s even drawn compliments from competitors. This tool is not just a convenience but an essential resource for parts counter personnel, ensuring they can meet customer needs comprehensively and accurately.

“…if you’re looking for a DPF part number, you put it into the tool. It comes up with our part numbers, some of our competitors part numbers, but it also shows what clamps and gaskets are required for that unit, which is very important information, especially on a parts counter…

Sell More Parts by Cleaning DPFs

Sell More Parts by Cleaning DPFs

As the discussion veered into the territory of providing cleaning services, Wayne offered some pragmatic advice. He emphasized the importance of understanding your target audience and choosing equipment and packages that best suit your clientele’s needs and your budget. It’s not about having the latest equipment, but the right equipment.

For instance, a thermal package might be ideal for servicing heavy-duty vehicles where overnight service is acceptable. In contrast, an aqueous package could be more fitting for servicing a diverse range of vehicles, including off-road, light-duty, and Ag.

Wayne’s parting thoughts were particularly applicable to anyone in the parts business considering extending into filter cleaning. Understanding emission systems isn’t just about cleaning a filter; it’s about comprehending the ancillary service parts required, thereby enhancing sales opportunities. It’s this depth of understanding and service that sets you apart in a market where differentiation can be challenging yet is crucial for success.

…it’s just not the money that you make… by cleaning a filter. It’s understanding all the service parts that are required and go along with that (DPF cleaning), that you can (up)sell and make money at.

The insights shared by Wayne not only shed light on some overlooked aspects of the DPF cleaning business but also serve as a valuable guide for distributors aiming to carve their niche in this specialized market.

For those interested in learning more about Filtertherm DPF cleaning equipment start by visiting our Equipment page, or give Wayne Cochrane a call.

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