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Need cross reference part numbers for diesel truck emissions systems? We’ve got a tool for that!

The OEM cross reference search tool from REP finds parts crosses and can tell you what related emissions parts such as gaskets and clamps go with that filter. You might be thinking “Wait, What? Tell me more!”

In this blog article, we will show what the REP OEM Cross tool can do, how to use it to find part number cross-references and the other parts that go with them in an aftertreatment system.

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Cross-Referencing aftertreatment parts doesn’t have to suck.

Ask anyone in the emissions industry and they’ll tell you figuring out all the numerous & often confusing part cross-references is a royal pain in the a**. That’s where the innovative and one-of-a-kind OEM Cross-Reference tool from Redline Emissions Products can save you time and frustration.

With the easy-to-use REP OEM Cross-Reference tool, trucking industry professionals can quickly and accurately identify the correct aftermarket parts for their vehicles by entering the OEM part number. This helps eliminate head scratching and guesswork and gives you confidence that the aftermarket parts you’re looking to get are a match for the original equipment and will function properly.

Why is accurate OEM Cross Referencing so vital?

The importance of using the correct parts in heavy-duty trucks cannot be overstated. It is essential to ensure that these vehicles operate efficiently and safely. One critical aspect of proper maintenance is cross-referencing OEM parts with aftermarket parts. OEM parts are designed to fit and function precisely with the vehicle, and aftermarket parts should match that same quality.

When the wrong parts are used in heavy-duty trucks, it can lead to several problems. For instance, if a truck driver uses an aftermarket part that is not compatible with their vehicle, it can result in engine failure or reduced performance. This, in turn, can lead to costly repairs and downtime, negatively impacting a trucking company’s bottom line. Moreover, using substandard or counterfeit parts can pose significant safety risks to drivers and others on the road.

To avoid these problems, it is crucial to cross-reference OEM parts with aftermarket parts correctly. The right aftermarket parts will fit and function like the original parts, maintaining the vehicle’s safety and efficiency.

How does REP’s OEM Cross Reference Tool help you?

This totally free tool is designed to meet the challenges we face daily in staying on top of all the different part cross numbers in this industry. It exists to assist our REP distributors and trucking industry professionals, like yourself, in identifying the appropriate aftermarket parts for their vehicles. The tool is built upon a comprehensive database of parts and works on mobile & desktop screens. It offers unparalleled precision and the ability to show related parts info that leaves other tools in the dust.

By using this tool, you can save time and money by quickly and accurately finding the right parts for you and your customers’ needs, instead of combing through multiple manufacturer’s websites & documentation. REP’s OEM Cross-Reference tool is a valuable and popular resource for those in the heavy-duty trucking industry, as it helps remove guesswork reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes.

How to use REP’s OEM Cross Reference Tool:

Using REP’s OEM Cross-reference tool is easy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

Step 1: On the site, go to the “PARTS CROSSES” page (or use the search box in the main menu).

Step 2: In the Search Box: Enter the OEM or REP part number.

Step 3: The tool will display available part crosses info such as the OEM number, REP part number, and other exchange numbers.

Step 4: Click on the Primary Result or the red plus icon to see more useful information, including Make, Model, applicable Inlet & Outlet Gasket, Clamp info, and more.

Try Out REP’s OEM Cross Tool Today

Redline Emissions Products’ OEM Cross-reference tool is a must-have for anyone in the heavy-duty truck industry. When it comes to repairing and maintaining your equipment, using the correct aftermarket parts is crucial to avoid costly repairs and safety risks.

With REP’s OEM Cross tool, you can easily and quickly identify the correct aftermarket parts for your vehicle using either the OEM part number or the REP part number. This helps you determine that the aftermarket parts you choose are a match for the original equipment and will function correctly. Moreover, using the OEM Cross tool can save you time and money, as it has a comprehensive database of parts and offers unparalleled depth of related parts info.

The tool is free to use and straightforward to navigate. If you have any questions or concerns, Redline Emissions Products’ expert customer service team is always available to help. REP’s OEM Cross-reference tool is a game changer – give it a go! It’s all about making diesel emissions systems easier for you.

In Summary

The benefits of using REP’s OEM Cross-reference tool include:

Comprehensive database: The tool has an extensive database of parts, making it easier to find the right part quickly.

Accuracy: REP’s tool offers unmatched accuracy, ensuring that the right parts are being used for the vehicle.

Easy to use: The tool is easy to use, with a simple search bar that allows users to enter the OEM or the REP part number. Works well on mobile devices for on-the-go part searches.

Quick results: The tool provides quick results, with the REP part number, the Make, Model, plus applicable Inlet & Outlet Gaskets, Clamps information, and more.

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