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Diesel Emissions Systems
Made Easy

We help heavy-duty parts distributors and aftertreatment cleaning facilities sell more diesel emissions parts and services to commercial truck owners and fleets.
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Diesel Emissions Systems

OEM Replacement Parts

We manufacture & distribute high-quality aftertreatment replacement parts including DPFs, DOCs, Sensors, Clamps, Gaskets, Weld Bungs, and Clamp/Gasket Kits.

DPF Cleaning Machines

We design & manufacture industry-leading aftertreatment cleaning equipment for DPFs, DOCs, and SCRs. Made in the USA.

We walk you through how REP makes diesel emissions EASY.

Being in the diesel emissions systems business is harder than it needs to be.

Do you find yourself saying…

  • The diesel emissions systems business is complicated and confusing.

  • We’ve been burned by low-quality parts suppliers in the past.

  • I’m worried that we will sell the wrong parts.

  • We don’t know how to educate fleets about maintaining and repairing the entire system.

  • I’m worried we won’t be able to recover the cost of setting up a cleaning facility.

REP provides a WAY

through these challenges.

We remove the guesswork, complexity, and quality issues that often come with selling aftertreatment parts, and we provide industry-leading DPF Cleaning Equipment that gets your customer’s trucks back on the road fast.


How does REP make diesel emissions systems easy?

Our approach to aftertreatment parts springs from years of emissions industry experience servicing and cleaning aftertreatment systems. Everything we do is influenced by the core values of excellence and listening to what matters to our distributors. What does this all mean for you?


OEM replacement fit and quality with industry-leading warranties.


Access a deep and wide selection spanning multiple manufacturers and brands.


Access to a large inventory across multiple warehouse locations.


Every part is labeled clearly with part & cross-reference numbers, and packaged individually.


Industry-specific training and education for your parts and sales teams.

Getting started is EASY too! 


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Set up your account


Get trained


Start selling!

Aftertreatment Parts and Cleaning Equipment for Heavy-Duty

Breakdowns and downtime related to aftertreatment issues are a huge headache for many of your heavy-duty truck parts customers. In fact, fleet maintenance costs related to today’s emissions systems have skyrocketed. Your customers are also dealing with issues sourcing the parts they need for their trucks. The confusion around figuring out the right part, dealing with questionable quality, and the lack of accurate information is widespread and costly.

As an REP distributor, you can solve these problems for your customers and gain a huge advantage over your competition. REP makes diesel emissions easy in 5 ways. We only sell quality parts. We carry a wide selection. We make sure our parts are available quickly. Every part is packaged individually and clearly labeled. We stand behind our products with training for your team. Whether you are looking for a supplier of aftertreatment parts or you want to add DPF cleaning to the services you provide fleets, REP is here to make it as easy as possible for you.

We Manufacture OEM Quality Replacement Parts and Industry-Leading Cleaning Equipment

  • DPFs: HD & LD DPF filters for Class 4-8 diesel vehicles.
  • DOCs: OEM spec Heavy-Duty Diesel Oxidation Catalysts.
  • Gaskets: exact dimension, quality replacement DPF gaskets
  • DPF Clamps: precision-fit OEM quality bands and retainers
  • Sensors: NOx, EGT, PM, & more for light and Heavy-Duty applications
  • Weld Bungs: Aftermarket bung connections for sensor replacements
  • CAC Hoses and Clamps: For HD diesel vehicles.
  • Clamp/Gasket Kits: Complete kits of common configurations in a convenient package.
  • DPF Cleaning Equipment: Aqueous and Thermal solutions.

REP makes “diesel emissions systems easy” so you can add aftertreatment parts and DPF Cleaning services to your business with confidence and increased profitability.


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