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Truck Parts Cross Reference Tool for Emissions Systems

Use our free heavy-duty truck parts cross reference tool (specifically designed for diesel emissions) to find OEM part crosses. Simply enter the OEM or REP part # into the Search box below and get relevant & related aftertreatment part info.


Click the plus sign for more information

Step-By-Step: How to use the REP OEM Cross-Reference Tool

Step 1: In the Search Box above: Enter the OEM or REP part number.

Step 2: The tool will display available part crosses info such as the OEM number, REP part number, and other exchange numbers.

Step 3: Click on the Primary Result or the red plus icon to see more useful information, including Make, Model, applicable Inlet & Outlet Gasket, Clamp info, and more.

Watch a short demo of how to use the REP OEM Cross-Reference Tool to find those heavy-duty truck parts cross-references for diesel emissions systems

To learn more about the REP OEM Cross-Reference Tool check out our blog post that goes into more detail on the tool and how to use it.

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