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Turning the Pain of Diesel Emissions Systems into Gain for Fleets & Operators

We’ve all heard the saying “No pain, no gain”….  but when it comes to the economic impact of diesel emissions systems on fleets and operators, you may as well say “relieving their pain is our gain”.


Because their pain could be YOUR biggest opportunity to serve them. And solving their problem means more revenue for you. What’s their biggest pain? The real cost of diesel emissions systems.

the real cost of diesel emissions systems

Fleet Managers

Fleet managers are under enormous pressure to control costs – with vehicle automation, technology and complexity (emissions) topping the list. The compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of fleet costs in this area exceeds the rate of inflation by over 3x!!! The purchase price alone of emissions-equipped trucks is 20-30% more than non-emissions models.

But emissions regulations are here to stay.

New 2020 EPA rulings are pushing for ZERO emissions and more NOx reduction in on-highway vehicles by 2027. This means even more increase in costs of operation for fleets and owners.


Fleets average about 213,000 miles between emissions failures, with the average cost of a heavy duty emissions repair being $514. The average cost of a roadside breakdown is $448 to $760.

And a fleet with 500 trucks is spending $27K a month on emissions repairs. But the big factor many fleets are still missing is the complex relationship and delicate health balance between emissions components and engine components.

For Example

Did you know an EGR issue can cause a turbo failure?

Did you know an air intake temp sensor malfunction can inhibit regen?

Many diesel mechanics are not emissions experts and don’t understand how emissions components affect engine and fuel performance and vice versa. Helping to educate fleets and operators in emissions best practices and maintenance recommendations is a key component to solving this pain problem.

The Emissions Game

Why should parts distributors step into the game of emissions, given its complexity? It’s simple…. supply and demand. The demand from fleets and operators for solutions that help them cut emissions-related costs is real and growing. Quality parts at affordable prices are only part of the equation…. Redline Emissions Products® has the training, tech support, sales & marketing support and expert knowledge of emissions and emissions failures that you need to make a real impact in lowering costs for fleets and operators.

Diesel Emissions Systems Made Easy 

With Redline Emissions Products®, diesel parts distributors can add to their product line, increase sales, and solve a huge pain point to make diesel emissions systems easy for their customers.

Curious about what’s involved with supplying diesel emissions systems and replacement parts? Reach out to  Wayne Cochrane, National Sales Manager for REP to find out more or call 888-295-4670.

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