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Your trusted source for the most versatile DPF cleaning solutions on the planet.

Filtertherm® offers the most comprehensive selection of DPF cleaning equipment anywhere, for almost any budget – backed by over 10 years of real DPF shop experience.


What makes Filtertherm® different?

The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Oven was specifically designed to clean multiple DPFs and has a Smart Touchscreen with pre-programmed settings.... find out more

Filtertherm® has complete DPF cleaning systems or add-on pieces for almost any budget.... find out more

Our Filtertherm® 8 Step cleaning process is backed by over a decade of real shop experience.... find out more


With so many choices out there for DPF cleaning and equipment, it can be hard to tell myth from fact. Understanding the complexities of emissions systems, diesel particulate filters and compliance regulations for both drivers and diesel shops is essential. Filtertherm® from Redline Emissions Products® offers you expert advice from industry professionals who have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you navigate the world of DPF cleaning. Filtertherm® is proudly made in the U.S.A., manufactured in Redding, CA.

Just like a diesel engine requires upkeep and maintenance to ensure its longevity and proper function, DPFs require the same. Failure to commit to a regular schedule for DPF cleaning can result in poor engine performance, engine failure, and failure of parts and components within the emissions system. As a diesel shop, it’s up to you to educate your drivers on the importance of regular maintenance. Getting them in the shop is only half the battle. Knowing what equipment and process is best for your unique shop is a whole other concern. Let our industry experts guide you through the options to choose the best equipment at the right price for your needs.

We clean a lot of DPFs these days and the Filtertherm has been the perfect addition to our FSX cleaning system. Last Friday we had ten DPFs to clean and nine of them had to be baked. We loaded up the Filtertherm and got them all done at once, this would have taken at least three days with our standard FSX setup. My customers will not wait that long with a truck down. I think the Filtertherm is an excellent investment!

Usman AliAli's Truck Repair - Sacramento, CA

Thermal Diesel is a growing company in the Philadelphia area whose main business is cleaning DPFs. We feel that thermal cleaning is the best way to truly clean a DPF. When we were deciding what equipment to purchase, the Filtertherm Oven stood out. It is incredibly well designed and easy to use. Obviously, our 24 hour guarantee would not be very profitable without the ability to bake multiple filters every night.

Michael FrederickThermal Diesel Inc. - Philadelphia, PA

Let me just say that I no idea that there was this kind of ‘High Quality Equipment’ for the DPF market 'till I purchased your equipment for a new location. Second to none!

Jim WebbRegeneration Services LLC - Midland, CA