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DPF Cleaning Machines are here!!!!

Redline Emissions Products® is proud to add the Filtertherm® line of DPF Cleaning Equipment to our all-makes line of diesel emission systems service parts. The Filtertherm® family of products is designed for shops or fleets wanting to get involved with DPF cleaning as well as those looking to enhance an already established DPF cleaning business.

Filtertherm DPF Cleaning Machines

The Filtertherm® lineup now offers both thermal and aqueous DPF Cleaning machine systems to accommodate all your cleaning needs.   With more and more diesel trucks being built each year to new emissions standards, the DPF service market is growing…. and that can mean additional profits for your shop!

DPF Cleaning at a Glance

To understand how Filtertherm® ranks among other equipment, we must first understand the DPF cleaning process…. because not all DPF cleaning processes are created equal. As you know, the diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a device designed to capture and store soot, then convert it to ash. The ash is also stored in the filter until it is removed manually which is DPF Cleaning.

Manufacturers created DPFs to regenerate (oxidize the soot into ash) on the truck by heating the filter to soot combustion temperatures under optimum conditions. But excessive idling, stop-and-go traffic, cold weather temps, and other conditions can cause the passive regeneration of soot to not be as effective as the original OE intended. Even under optimum conditions over time the ash will build up in the DPF and restrict exhaust flow.

The DPF cleaning process is designed to remove this built-up ash. Removing the DPF for cleaning is simply part of the maintenance necessary to keep your diesel engine running optimally, just like changing the oil and other filters.

Filtertherm® recommends being proactive with DPF cleanings, scheduling them annually as preventative maintenance…. allowing the fleet to be in control of the cleaning cycle, not the vehicle. Doing so can help extend the life and vitality of your diesel engine, support the other systems on the vehicle and help preserve your optimum fuel mileage rate. Filtertherm® also suggests for shops and fleets that start DPF cleaning adopt our time-tested 8-Step DPF Cleaning Process, as pictured below.

DPF Cleaning 8 step process

Want our DPF cleaning experts to train your techs in the best practices for DPF cleaning? Contact Tech Support at 888-834-0050

The Filtertherm® Family

There are many DPF cleaning systems currently on the market. Air knives, manual blast cabinets, ultrasonic, aqueous to name a few.

How does Filtertherm® stack up in the DPF cleaning machine market?

Filtertherm® offers high-quality, built-in-the-USA equipment with the capacity for large-volume DPF cleaning, and fast ROI.

Thermal DPF Cleaning

First, let’s look at the traditional thermal cleaning which uses a time-tested process.  DPF matter burns when temperatures reach the 550˚C range… that’s why, based on almost 15-years of real shop experience cleaning, installing, and upgrading DPF systems, we recommend the de-ash, bake, de-ash method to effectively clean a DPF and get consistent results.

Filtertherm DPF Cleaning - Thermal Package

The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Oven

There is only one DPF baking oven on the market designed specifically to bake DPFs – the Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Oven. Every other “oven” out there is really just a slightly modified pottery kiln. The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Oven was specifically engineered to bake multiple DPFs at once and to automate the recommended manufacturer baking settings to avoid damaging expensive DPFs.

The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Oven features a smart touchscreen that allows you to access the user manual quickly, as needed. It has pre-programmed settings for all DPF substrates, plus manufacturer-approved temperature profiles with safe and effective ramp rates. There’s an auto-shutoff feature if the temperature gets too hot; a temperature-controlled auto door lock keeps the door closed until the oven reaches a safe temperature, while employee passcodes lockout untrained users. And the exterior has our cool-touch technology to make it safe to touch while in use.

The Filtertherm® Pulse Cleaner

This Pulse Cleaner is used to de-ash the filter. This simple to use, automated machine will provide consistent results, with a quick cycle of 20 minutes or less… and is designed to work in tandem with the Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Oven. Use the Filtertherm® Pulse Cleaner to blow out ash from the DPF, before and after baking. This process has proven over and over to deliver consistent results for DPF cleaning.

The Filtertherm® DPF Inspection Table

This Inspection Table is used for the DPF inspection process. Getting the DPF weight and flow reading prior to cleaning allows you to compare these values to the after weight and flow to decide whether the filter is clean. This table makes it possible to conduct tests at an ergonomic height and allows for a more intuitive flow of the cleaning steps, increasing your shop’s efficiency and accuracy.

The Filtertherm® Cooling Cart

Waiting for hot filters to cool down after baking can seem to take forever; rushing the process can put the filter at risk. What is the solution? The Filtertherm® DPF Cooling Cart. The typical time between pulling, cleaning, and reinstalling a clean filter is about 24 hours. Our cooling cart decreases the cooling time by 2 – 4 hours depending on the environment.

Aqueous DPF Cleaning

Over the past several years Aqueous DPF cleaning has increased in popularity.  Aqueous can offer the same results as a thermal cleaning in less time, plus the convenience of cleaning light-duty or off-road systems without the need to cut the units open.

The Filtertherm® Aqueous System comprises 3 pieces of equipment; the Filtertherm® Aqueous DPF Cleaning Machine, the revolutionary Filtertherm® Drying Cabinet, and the Filtertherm® Inspection Table. With this powerful aqueous DPF cleaning package, DPFs go from dirty to clean and dry in under 2-hours with no baking required!

Filtertherm DPF Cleaning - Aqueous Package

The Filtertherm® Aqueous DPF Cleaning Machine

The Filtertherm® Aqueous DPF Cleaning Machine is a self-contained unit featuring edge-to-edge cleaning to flush debris from the DPF filter with 600-gallons of recirculated water in a self-contained, dual-filter system.  The continuous low-pressure/high-volume water stream allows water to navigate around cell wall structures for optimum cleaning.

This unit is equipped with a pre-soak station for the application of proprietary surfactant that embodies particles & loosens debris.  The self-contained 95-gallon clean water tank and 40-gallon grey water tank are all you require for efficient cleanings.  The unit ships with the required adapters to clean light-duty and off-road filters plus a stand for washing DOCs with side inlets.

The Filtertherm® Drying Cabinet

The revolutionary Filtertherm® Drying Cabinet completely dries most aqueous cleaned filters in 20-minutes or less!  All water removed from a filter is captured in a storage tank and can be pumped back into the aqueous cleaner using the provided pump.  This unit ships with the adapters required for smaller filters. There is an optional adapter to allow drying of light-duty and off-road filters sold separately.

The Filtertherm® DPF Inspection Table 

This Inspection Table by Filtertherm® is used for the DPF inspection process regardless of which style of DPF cleaning is performed. Getting the DPF weight and flow reading prior to cleaning allows you to compare these values to the after weight and flow to decide whether the filter is clean. This table makes it possible to conduct tests at an ergonomic height and allows for a more intuitive flow of the cleaning steps, increasing your shop’s efficiency and accuracy. No DPF cleaning equipment package is complete without this inspection table.

Take the Next Step – Buy a Filtertherm® DPF Cleaning Equipment Package

If you want to provide your customers with DPF and DOC cleaning services, you need one of the Filtertherm® cleaning packages. With these easy-to-use, automated, and competitively priced systems; parts distributors, diesel repair shops, and even fleets can quickly and easily handle DPF cleaning at their facilities.

Contact our sales department to discuss which of these Filtertherm® cleaning systems is right for you.

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